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Qing Pang & Jian Tong || Stars on Ice Japan 2014
Anonymous said: Let's say you could combine female and make skaters and their best qualities into a perfect skater. Which skaters would you choose and what qualities do they have?

but i already have many versions of my “perfect” skater. i love my faves for their own styles of skating, not just one universal amalgamated style. mao doesn’t skate like dai and akiko doesn’t skate like taka but i love them all anyway.

that said, if we look at this from an element standpoint instead of a stylistic one, if we take some combination of patrick’s (or taka’s) SS, yuzuru or han’s jumps, yuna’s 3-3s and nerves of steel, julia’s consistency, dai and stephane’s musicality and footwork, dai’s expressive upper body, alissa and stephane’s spinning ability, taka’s spreadeagles, and infuse it all with akiko’s joy of skating, we’d have one hell of a skater.

Anonymous said: Here's a fun question: Which figure skater do you think has the best costumes? Male: _____________ Female:_______________ Juniors: _______________

male: uh. i can’t even think of a male singles skater who consistently has good costumes. dai has had some pretty good costumes since 09-10? he also had a few bad ones though. and his costumes before 09-10 were…not…good…

female: yuna, since 08-09. almost all of her costumes since that season have been excellent.

juniors: i really can’t remember. junior costumes tend to be a lot worse than senior costumes in any case (obviously, since costumes are damn expensive)

Anonymous said: what do you think about Vincent Zhou? for a thirteen year old he skates with great maturity and seriousness. What do you think are his chances for 2018? I mean he will be 17 at that time. Do you think he could pose a serious threat to other skaters in time?

if he can get a consistent 3A and at least one quad before 2018 he might be able to challenge for the olympic team. but it’s WAY too early to say. like i said before, anything could happen in 4 years. and vincent was injured this season and hasn’t even competed internationally on the junior grand prix yet. he might have a better shot at the 2022 olympics.

seriously though it’s completely useless to speculate about juniors, you just can’t tell anything for certain



In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]


Can’t get over this.

Anonymous said: What do you think of Mao's "Liebesträume" program?

it’s really nice. the choreo and music suit her really well. i don’t adore it as much as some of her other programs but i’d definitely still rank it as one of her better programs.

Mao Asada, Clair de lune || 4CC 2009
Anonymous said: heh, now i'm curious about whose skating you dislike? at least among the successful skaters (e.g. i can't get with pchan and his mattel doll hands).

oh but that would be terribly gauche of me~ still, it should be fairly obvious who i dislike among the US ladies, at least. if you don’t know by now you haven’t been paying attention

Anonymous said: I'm pretty sure that hanyu has said it's 50/50 after pyeongchang, but despite being his fan, I really hope he does retire after 2018. my anxiousness skyrockets whenever I read he's trying out a new quad. (also, sorry you're getting all these hanyu-related messages :( I know you would rather talk about dai).

if he feels like he’s accomplished everything he can by 2018 he will probably happily retire. and i’m sure his team will do everything they can so he remains healthy, but accidents happen, unfortunately.

(lol it’s ok, i know most of my newer followers are yuzuru fans so…i just accept that i will probably get a lot of questions about him. but i kind of feel like i’ve already said everything i need to/want to say about him? until new programs come out anyway)